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L*A*I was established in 1980 as an engineering consulting firm providing a range of services primarily in the aerospace industry. Thomas Lieb joined the firm in the mid- 1980s, (becoming President in 1988), with the goal of expanding services to the commercial laser industry. Since then, the company's primary focus gradually shifted to design, safety design, marketing, project management, and product development in the industrial laser market. During the ensuing growth of the company, L*A*I has managed complete R&D projects, developed turn-key cutting systems, integrated laser optical systems, developed laser safety and management training programs, and conducted laser process development and qualification studies from Switzerland to Singapore. L*A*I currently consists of a core team of Consultants offering extensive and diverse services to the commercial laser industry. The company maintains a significant percent of its time in management consulting and related contract services, (including conversion of defense technology to commercial use). This activity is balanced by a substantial dedication to assistance of small and medium-sized businesses, in all types of industrial laser related tasks, from process and system development to major safety designs and compliance with local and national, or regional laws.

L*A*I, and its associates, maintain membership and participation in LEOMA (Laser & Electro-optics Manufacturer's Association); LIA (Laser Institute of America); AWS C7C (American Welding Society, Subcommittee on Laser Welding); ANSI B11.21 (American National Standards Institute, committee on Laser Processing Machine Tools); and IEC (International Electrotechnical Committee) and ISO (International Standards Organization) committees on Laser Standardization.

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